trench drain LONGEVITY

LTEC Drains Will Outlast Any Poly or Plastic Drain on the Market

Trench Drain Longevity

LTEC Drains Outlast Our Competitor's Drains

The life expectancy of our drain is far in excess of 20 to 30 years in most rural environments, even in severe urban and coastal areas.High quality galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component of our drain systems. UV rays, extreme temperature changes, and other elements do not affect our products longevity.

Plastic Trench Drain vs. Metal Trench Drain

Breakage and deterioration of Plastic/Poly drains is mainly caused by UV rays and oxygen exposure. The deterioration process begins almost immediately after manufacture causing plastic/poly to become brittle over time, as seen in the first image.  This is a very common problem with poly type drains.

Both of the drains below were installed four years ago in very close proximity to one another.  LTEC Drains will out last any plastic or poly drain as seen in the second image.

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