Concrete Installation

This type of installation is very common and can easily be done by home owners themselves.

Cut the asphalt or concrete a minimum of 12 inches wide; go wider if your surface is uneven. Remove cut material and dig a square trench 7 inches deep.

The drain will be sized and shipped to you in 4 foot sections. Pin sections together on a flat surface, pick the drain up as one unit and set in the trench as shown. The installation feet will position the drain to set at 6 1/2 inches total height (1/2 below grade); this will allow 4 inches of concrete to fill from the bottom up and to both sides. Place two lengths of re-bar on both sides of drain, as this will keep your concrete from cracking for many years.

Place grates in drain channel. The grates will come in a protective plastic shrink wrap. Pour your concrete, screed from outer edge of channel. (Hand mixing concrete in a wheel barrel works just fine, 1 sack 2/3 cu Ready Mix per foot)

Let the concrete set up and remove grates from plastic; do not drive over for 3 days. If you have any questions give us a call. 866-410-5572

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