About ltec SURFACE drains

LTEC Surface & Trench Drains was founded in 2006

Sharon & Don

LTEC Surface Drains was founded in 2006 to control the unnatural and unmanaged flow of “Dirty Water” into Lake Tahoe caused by residential and commercial development of the surrounding shore lines.

LTEC engineers designed unique Surface Drain systems that are exceptionally effective at capturing, filtering and returning clean water to Lake Tahoe. With over 50,000 feet of LTEC Trench Drains, Channel Drains & Driveway Drains currently installed in the Lake Tahoe Basin, the water clarity has continued to increase every year and the waters are now the clearest they have been in ten years according to UC Davis Scientists who monitor the Lake Tahoe’s clarity levels.

LTEC’s proven success at Lake Tahoe have inspired contractors and home owners across the country to have LTEC Drains installed in virtually every application where runoff has to be captured, controlled and conveyed.

With over 200,000 feet of drain installed throughout the U.S. (and counting) LTEC drains have proven to be a high quality, very effective product for virtually all runoff applications.  Owners Don and Sharon are longtime residents of Lake Tahoe; they enjoy spending time with family and friends hiking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and everything else that comes with living in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

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