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3 Benefits of Metal Drains

The installation of an LTEC metal drain should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. They can increase the appeal of your home and may even have a positive effect on the value of your home.

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Best Surface Drain for Maintenance and Flow

When it comes to choosing the best surface drain for your home or business, LTEC surface drains is the best choice for you. They differ from your standard drains in that they lie flat and are made using the highest quality galvanized steel available. No matter where you install your drain, whether it is in your home or in an industrial situation, it will outlast any other drain available on the market today.

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Drainage Solutions to Protect Your Home

When it comes to protecting our homes, we often go to any length to ensure that they are safe and well-protected; however, one area that we often tend to overlook is the drainage system of our home.

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Less Drain Cleaning with LTEC Surface Drains

When it comes to household maintenance chores, one of the most dreaded tends to be drain cleaning. This is primarily because the process tends to be dirty, complicated, and frustrating; that is not the case when you install LTEC surface drains.

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Upgrading Your Slotted Drain

Slotted drains have become a more popular choice among homeowners and business owners primarily because it is more appealing to the eye and functions without the need for constant maintenance.

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Garage Floor Drains

Garages can provide sweet relief for your car from precipitation, from hail to blizzards. The garage can be your vehicle’s refuge and place to thaw out — if you don’t have a garage floor drain, the thawed liquid can flood your garage!

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Why Choose Metal Surface Drains?

Metal Surface drains are used in a variety of residential applications to drain and control the buildup of excess water. Metal surface drains are used to control water runoff and prevent flooding.

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Dealing with Frozen Outdoor Drains

With the winter months coming up soon, there are some important things to keep in mind when considering outdoor drainage installation and maintenance. Depending on the material the drain is made of, outdoor drains can be damaged by extreme weather, ultimately requiring the replacement of the drainage system. In addition, frozen outdoor drains can create a safety hazard, so it’s also important that you keep your outdoor drains clear of ice and other debris.

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Driveway Drainage Systems

One of the most important drainage considerations that property owners make has to do with how to ensure that their driveway and garage do not flood. A flooded driveway is a hassle. And if standing water is allowed to build up, there is the possibility that the water may seep in and flood your garage, basement or damage your home’s foundation. A flooded garage or basement is no longer a hassle; it is a nightmare. That is why it is so vital that driveway drainage is taken seriously by builders and homeowners.

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Trench Drains

Drainage systems have been around as long as cities and civilizations itself. In fact, some scholars believe that the well-designed trench drainage and aqueduct systems of Rome were critical to the rise of the empire.

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Surface Drains vs. French Drains

Providing proper drainage for your property, whether commercial or residential, is one of the most important long term preventative maintenance measures you can implement. Insufficient drainage can cause water to build up and flood basements, garages and can cause considerable damage to building foundations. Without adequate drainage, water can build up in the soil under the foundation of your home or commercial building, causing the soil to swell.

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Linear Drains

Drainage systems have a long history and come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, configurations, designs and materials. The type of drain or drainage system used often depends on the type of work that the drain is going to be doing.

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